Sunday, November 2, 2008


a few months back, we splurged on a bisley cabinet for my jewelry supplies. this was a real treat, since I had always furnished my apartment with a combination of cheap ikea items and things I found on the sidewalk. but when it came time to divide up the drawers, I realized that buying the bisley dividers was going to cost as much as the cabinet itself. so I filled it with as many containers as I already had, and then set out to find some more.

I had always felt guilty about throwing away tofu containers. the city of new york only takes narrow-necked #1 and #2 plastic for recycling. soon, the tofu containers started looking attractive. I simply cut the tops off of them with scizzors, and they fit perfectly into the cabinet. the one in the bottom right is a hershey's cocoa container that I also lopped the top off of. know the red idea cabinet I posted about? kate saw my post and realized that her friend was getting rid of one like it. she offered it to me for less than half price, and it looks great alongside the bisley.

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