Monday, November 10, 2008

star struck

this morning I dreamt that Matt Dillon owned a bed & breakfast next door to our apartment, and he was our friend. we went outside and got caught in the rain. I made myself a poncho out of newspaper, but I needed a rain hat. we went into Matt's b&b and went to sleep. when we woke up, we were in a big, puffy bed and Matt Dillon was meticulously arranging things. we were in his home, and it was all decked out in Western Americana. I started picking things up and looking at them. I had two of his belts fastened together and I was going to wear it. only I couldn't figure out how to put it on, and I thought I might be getting on Matt's nerves. Little beads were falling off the belts. I started putting them into plastic bags. when he looked over, I explained that I am a jewelry maker, and I would take his belts home and fix them. only more and more beads were falling off and b and I were all over the carpet, looking for them. then i started picking things up off the floor that weren't beads- they were part of small arrangements that belonged there. so I put them back. we were feeling increasingly uncomfortable.

this afternoon we went for a walk through red hook, then up through cobble hill until we got to court st. we had dinner at a thai restaurant, then picked up some groceries at trader joe's. walking up court towards our bus, we noticed a crowd of people gathered and seated in chairs inside the barnes and noble. "oh, who's reading?" I said. as we approached the end of the store, where a table was set up and the seats were facing, we saw a tiny woman standing on two boxes, so she could be seen by the crowd. it was DOCTOR RUTH!

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bongolicious said...


You managed to get "Matt Dillon" and "Doctor Ruth" in the same blog post.

i take that back. its creepy