Thursday, October 30, 2008


can anyone in nyc with slightly wavy hair recommend a good stylist, not too pricey? I just got my hair cut and I hate it. somehow, hair stylists always assume I like my hair straight and blown out, and cut it that way. I don't! I hate blown-out straight hair! last time, even after telling the stylist that I like my hair wavy, she went ahead and did it that way. not to mention that she was 45 minutes late for the appointment, then had to rush through the cut. when i told her at the end that I wanted more taken off the sides, she butchered it up. now it doesn't fall correctly. honesty, I feel like a sap in the hands of a hair dresser. I try to watch what they're doing and not correct them while they're in process, but it always seems to backfire in my face. the picture above is what I brought to the stylist before this one. somehow, she left long pieces in the front, even though it is clear from the photo that the sides are shorter.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

maui dreaming

just uploaded a bunch of photos to my flickr page. many more to come.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

more love

what started as a fluke ended up getting some attention in the blogosphere. why, the pipeline on refinery 29 compared b's design to a comme des garçons' runway look! in all honesty, b's response when I asked him for some detailed instructions for the lamp was "I like playing with glue."

another few posts include:
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one pretty thing.
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sparkle thots

Friday, October 24, 2008

thinking about the apartment

this would be a nice addition.

this too.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

more looks

I was so thrilled to see that the Italian blog ri-creazione ("re-creation") posted about b's chandelier. though they credited me with designing the lamp, I was tickled by their interpretation of the piece. allow me to impress you with my translation from the Italian:

"It is hard to imagine how to recycle some things creatively. For example, those polystyrene beads that are used to fill a cardboard box to protect fragile goods. The clever blogger and designer Dash had the ingenious idea to take advantage of the beads' resemblance to popcorn and construct an amusing chandelier out of them."

okay, a little choppy, but you get the idea.

grazie, ri-creazione.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

styro chandelier on design*sponge

grace at design*sponge loves promoting those diy projects. so I had a hunch she might like b's packing peanut chandelier. and here it is on today's d*s, as part of diy wednesdays! thanks grace.

*because so many people commenting on d*s today are concerned about safety, I'm adding a photo of how the lamp hangs. the bulb isn't actually inside the lamp, rather the chandelier hangs below the light fixture. I hope this helps.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

it's alive

the clothes-pin sample sale is online here!

select molliedash items are available for 50% off retail. price includes domestic shipping.

the first round of items includes luscious knit clothing from she-bible and delicate inlaid jewelry from amy bengston. more to come from smart fitzjerrell, zeto, lara miller, and greenbaum clothing.

Friday, October 17, 2008

my boy b

before the stoop sale, b was going through our spare camera equipment, testing out the manual nikon lens on my digital. he took some shots of the chandelier he made from styrofoam packing peanuts.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

99 days and counting

look ->->-> my bush countdown meter has dropped below 100!

now the numbers aren't lining, up so I'll have to ask b, my little code monkey, to fix it. he rewrote the script from the widget I got from the credo website, which wasn't working.

but anyway, woo hoo!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

project runway addiction

p.r. habit in viewing order:

1. project runway canada
2. project runway u.s. season 4
3. project runway u.s. season 1
4. project runway u.s. season 2
5. project runway u.s. season 3
6. project runway u.s. season 5 (currently watching)
7. project runway australia (watched all 11 episodes in two days)
8. project runway philippines (just started watching)

Friday, October 10, 2008

getting close

while b's in L.A., we're co-designing my new site, cross-country. he's working on the technical aspects of getting the wholesale ordering up and running. I know I've been talking about this for months, and I'm glad to say that it's finally happening. my part is to make the site- both retail and wholesale, visually pleasing.

I'm here poking around my apartment, listening to public radio, drinking tea, browsing blogs. bad girl! it's gotta be one of the most gorgeous times of the year- true indian summer. I think I can cope with getting some work done today if I sneak out and do some errands around the neighborhood.

okay- what's up? there's a squirrel sitting high on top of a telephone pole out back, squawking and waving its tail. what does it see down below that's making it so crazy? on a similar note regarding nature in the city, there's a dead bird right outside my front window. the roof of the front porch is just inches below, and i usually get to watch visiting squirrels and cats. this incidence is odd, because the bird looks to be someone's escaped pet parakeet. it has a bright, fuzzy yellow belly, quite unlike a city bird.

so getting back to the neighborhood errands, I dropped my raincoat off at the cleaners to be revamped and repaired. finally! it's a 1960's navy blue above-the-knee thing, with wide lapels, zipped pockets, and lots of white top stitching. I had picked it up at a flea market in the east village for twenty bucks, and wore it with safety pins all over it for a couple of years. I took it by to have the top stitching redone and the main zipper replaced. can't wait to see what it looks like.

the ups man came this morning with my gold (and silver) testing kit! I've been accumulating so much vintage jewelry lately that I have a pile of questionable pieces. some of the stamps are so tiny, I can't even read them with a magnifying glass. the process involves acids, a scratch stone, and various needles. sounds like some fun science experimenting!

okay, I'm off to the showers. see ya.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the cat's out of the bag

I'll be participating in clothes-pin's first ever sample sale, starting next wednesday, october 15. the sale will be going through the fall and up to the holidays, so check back often for 50% to 80% off goods by fine independent designers. knowing karen's taste by the steady stream of posts on her superb blog, I'm sure this will be a good one.


I woke up with sticky eyes. The super sets the thermostat at 75, and refuses to do otherwise. but at least we have heat, and I can turn down my own radiators. not that getting the heat on didn't involve threatening to report the landlord to the city.

it's been a weird couple of weeks. autumn always feels like more of a new beginning than the dead of winter, when westerners celebrate the new year. after returning from our summer vacation, we had three weeks to get my fall line going, before out of town guests arrived, followed by a weekend trip to see my mom and sister. the visit with my friend and her mate turned into sort of a disaster, as I started growing weary of her shenanigans. (indecisiveness, imposing on us do things for her she could have done at home) by the time they left (although they didn't stay with us the whole time) she knew something was up. I sent her an email, and all hell broke loose. now she's cut me off, saying that I'm not a "safe" friend. whatever.

the weekend after our delightful visitors left, we headed down to south jersey. a few months back, I realized that my 25th high school reunion was coming up. being a late bloomer, high school was unmemorable for me. my visits home were infrequent for many years, as I explored other possibilities and places in life. somehow after 25 years though, I started getting sentimental. the organizers of the reunion had set up a website, and I found myself visiting it, as classmates fleshed out their profiles with updates and photos. I told b I wanted to go to the reunion, and we registered.

but as the date got closer and I found out more about my former classmates, the less interest I had in attending the event. My mom was already expecting us and my sister was planning to come up from Richmond to visit. so we went to cherry hill anyway, and explored philadelphia as I had stated earlier. we ate dinner at ponzios that night, the local hangout diner. don't you know as soon as I saw the photos people posted from the reunion, I wish I had gone. okay, who's indecisive?

now b's in california, doing some work. the other night while poking around on flickr, I found out some bad news about one of my favorite teachers and just an all-around cool guy. if you are so inclined, read here about ezra and his fight with cancer. the site has a donation page to help with ez's medical expenses. and if you want to be awed by his awesomeness, look here to see his beautiful photography. it will make you want ezra's life. except for the cancer.