Wednesday, November 28, 2007


check out my girl willie's etsy shop, hexy, where she sells yummy hand-made soaps and shrinky dink pins! make it a hand-made holiday, yo.

Monday, November 26, 2007

wishlist parties

two of the stores that carry my products, sodafine and rare device, will be hosting holiday wishlist parties this week. the idea is that if you're a fan of the handmade and hard-to-find goods that both these shops carry, you can compile a "wishlist" which the stores will keep on file. this is similar to a gift registry for a wedding, and I think it's a great idea. the first one is coming up tomorrow night at sodafine, and more info can be found here. rare device's will be held this thursday from 6-9 pm, and more details can be found on their blog.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ducky bling

b convinced me to pick up this duck pendant at the flea market. I think it was a wise choice. the necklace can be found at ai ai gasa if it hasn't been sold already.

confessions of a haircolor junky

becoming a blogger means taking on a certain amount of responsibility to your readers. If you start posting in a way that charts your progress, in say, growing out your natural grey hair, there is an expectation that the posts will appear periodically. If the subject of the post is something that is difficult for the blogger to engage in, then there might a reluctance to post as often as the readers might want. Upon my last post I did in fact state that I would be posting a photograph of my hair soon. b got a few shots of me while we were doing the Imme shoot, and I thought I would post one or two. but when I went to edit the photos, I didn't like how they looked (unflattering, taken the day before I came down with a cold, making me feel inferior to the younger, beautiful models we shot that day) and I never put them up.

the other night b and I were walking around manhattan as the sun was going down. peering into a brightly lit shop window, I caught my reflection in the mirrored backdrop. seeing my salt and pepper bangs, I looked more soccer mom than Louise Brooks (the inspiration for my current haircut.)

when I performed for dancenOw in early september, I feared that grey roots wouldn't be a good onstage look, and used a washout haircolor that day. the color stayed for a couple of weeks, and I liked how it made the grey more subtle. I still had a half a bottle of loving care sitting on the shelf mocking me, and as I write this post, it's covering my hair. to quote Jane Hanstein Cunniffe, set your self free. you can always go back.

Friday, November 16, 2007

just a sneak

okay, I'm feeling a bit like the guy with the vegas act and the spinning plates right now, but I had to show you one of the pics from our shoot last weekend. thank you to our amazing models diane and sara (and you too, mandy) for walking the many blocks into our hood to do this. we ran short on daylight time and I didn't get the close-ups I wanted, but I plan on scheduling another session. (when, I don't know!) but at least we got some great photos of felecia's super duper clothing, and she's been posting them on her etsy shop. I own a couple of her pieces, and I can seriously vouch for the magical quality of her clothing to be universally flattering and comfortable. if you're looking for a holiday gift for that special lady in your life, rush on over to Imme Industries. NOW!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

or this?

Friday, November 9, 2007

heads up

tomorrow I'll be doing a photo shoot with felecia of Imme Industries, designer of the knockout dress shown above. you might recognize her work from our previous shoot, as the photos have appeared on my site over the past year. the new pics of her clothing and my jewelry will be used for my upcoming look book, and for felecia's soon-to-be launched website. stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

did you know

that the toothbrushes you can buy at trader joe's are recyclable? t.j.'s carries recycline toothbrushes, and I've been using them for several years. recycline provides postage-paid envelopes, which are available right at the store. just save up a few used ones, pop them in the envelope, and send them back to recycline. the recycled polypropylene toothbrushes are used to make plastic lumber.

also good to know- t.j.'s stocks tom's of maine toothpaste, which comes in a recyclable aluminum tube. (unlike most, which are made of non-recyclable materials)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

more love

as long as I'm posting cool graphics people have sent my way, I thought I'd add this one. it was made by anh tran, sent in thanks for one of my necklaces.

to me

from my most awesomest friend willie, who I met in my second year at vcu, in materials printmaking. that's a picture of the (cup)cake b and I didn't have last night. but if I have enough time today, I might bake a cake to celebrate both of our birthdays. still playing catch-up in a big way, and it feels sooo good to sit down and make bracelets today. ciao.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

new earrings

on the site.