Friday, November 16, 2007

just a sneak

okay, I'm feeling a bit like the guy with the vegas act and the spinning plates right now, but I had to show you one of the pics from our shoot last weekend. thank you to our amazing models diane and sara (and you too, mandy) for walking the many blocks into our hood to do this. we ran short on daylight time and I didn't get the close-ups I wanted, but I plan on scheduling another session. (when, I don't know!) but at least we got some great photos of felecia's super duper clothing, and she's been posting them on her etsy shop. I own a couple of her pieces, and I can seriously vouch for the magical quality of her clothing to be universally flattering and comfortable. if you're looking for a holiday gift for that special lady in your life, rush on over to Imme Industries. NOW!

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