Tuesday, January 29, 2008


More than ten years ago I decided to stop using disposable razors, and purchased a handle for a *lady's razor* which used disposable blades. This worked for a while, until the handle I had was discontinued, and I could no longer buy blades for it. So I went ahead and bought a new handle, and this also worked for a while, until it became too hard to find blades for it as well. As the years went by, I became increasingly dismayed by the array of gimmicky shaving products available- double, triple, quadruple blades; blades with aloe vera strips; blades that spurt out shaving cream. At the same time, it became harder to find simple razors that use a minimum of packaging and don't become obsolete within a few years. So I went back to disposable razors. Always in the back of my mind I thought I'd like to have a traditional, double-edged razor.

A few months ago while shopping for jewelry parts, I found a metal razor handle in an antique store for seven dollars. I picked it up, and I am happy to say that I bought blades for it the other day. Platinum plated German steel blades, ordered online since the Duane Reade doesn't carry them. I will let you know if this is a suitable option for shaving this lady's legs.

Monday, January 28, 2008

working on

I was going to post the business card I'm working on for a friend in L.A. but it looks too much an ipod ad and I don't want to be sued by apple. b's been gone for an awfully long time, designing a database interface for a major media comany on the west coast. I've turned my attention back towards the apartment, and I might have some new photos to post soon. in the meantime, winter work is a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation for the rest of the year. I need to pick up a winter hobby, like skiing or something.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

sale at modishoppe

I have a few fall/holiday pieces left at modishoppe and they're all marked down.
check it out.

Monday, January 21, 2008

is it really 20 degrees outside?

my super set the thermostat to 75 and put a lock on it.
I can't tell.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


a.k.a. one of the many outdoor cats in this neighborhood, ran right out of frame as I was focusing the camera.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

where you at

since returning from my holiday jaunt, I've had so much going through my mind, I've almost been paralyzed in my ability to write about what's going on. the holidays were great for me in terms of business. I was able to advertise this year, and that brought in not only a good amount of sales, but also requests from store owners for wholesale information. wholesale has been something that's a little tricky for me, since I do so much one of a kind work. I can make pieces that can be reproduced, and did well with the bracelets I've been selling over the last several months. the problem is that once I start making quantities of things, I must use mass-produced materials. I'm starting to resolve that issue, and I'm putting together a collection of one of a kind and limited edition pieces, much like I sell on the website. when b returns from cali, he'll be designing an online ordering system for wholesale. that way, I can still offer one of a kind pieces, without having to update a static catalogue each time. I guess I'm so picky about the way my work is presented since I put myself in the role of the customer. I know from my own experience that if a product is presented as *green* or *environmental* I will scrutinize the whole package. For example, I recently bought a box of tea which provided data on the amount of resources saved annually by using 100% recycled material in the packaging. (meaning the cardboard box it came in) But when I opened the box, I found that each teabag was wrapped in a foil pouch. I did contact the company, and things like this do affect my buying decisions.

so I hope I am able to resolve my own issue (since everyone wants *green* now) and provide thoughtfully- produced items on a larger scale.

back in the fall roxanne asami (aka roxy marj) posted about project runway canada. I remember there being a buzz about the orginial project runway around the time I moved to nyc, but this is how I do generally things: a) observe with skepticism since watching t.v. is a waste of time, b) forget about it for four years, c) suddenly be reminded and take a look, d) become completely addicted. so after watching all of the canadian episodes I had missed, I started delving into the previous three seasons of the american version and its current season. (thanks to youtube and the people who take the time to post the episodes!) project runway canada concluded its first season a few weeks ago, but season four u.s. is still going.

now, you might ask, why do I like this show so much? I guess it's because i can relate. I know what it's like have to design and produce under deadline. I know how fickle the fashion industry is. I know how hard it can be to design things to peoples' specifications, while keeping my own vision. I'm currently working on some side graphic and web design projects, and this last point really applies. Trying to satisfy peoples' expectations while making the project realistic and executable is the hardest part of graphic design. I guess that's why I've gone the other route with my jewelry. I design it, I put it out there, and hope that people like it.

that's it for now. hopefully I've gotten the writing juices flowing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

sara baird

today I determined that life is just better when I take sara baird's class.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I've set up a new shop on supermarket.
check it out.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

back in brooklyn

bed-stuy was quiet at 12:30 last night, as I walked from the gates ave. j train stop, wearing only a sweatshirt in january. I had a mountain of mail, including christmas cards and a wedding invitation!, which I'm still going through. las vegas home & design sent me a copy of their january/february issue, for which they featured my lantern necklace. (which greggy had taken before it hit the news stand) and I'm trying to figure out how to get off of certain tenacious mailing lists.

it's warm here- I will go out soon- restock my refrigerator and walk around a bit.

it was great meeting and visiting with b's family and friends, and seeing my old friends in cali. i fell in love with san pedro and would highly recommend it as a vacation spot. if I have time, I will write some more about the area.

now it is back to the grindstone, making all kinds of plans for spring business.

more later.