Tuesday, January 8, 2008

back in brooklyn

bed-stuy was quiet at 12:30 last night, as I walked from the gates ave. j train stop, wearing only a sweatshirt in january. I had a mountain of mail, including christmas cards and a wedding invitation!, which I'm still going through. las vegas home & design sent me a copy of their january/february issue, for which they featured my lantern necklace. (which greggy had taken before it hit the news stand) and I'm trying to figure out how to get off of certain tenacious mailing lists.

it's warm here- I will go out soon- restock my refrigerator and walk around a bit.

it was great meeting and visiting with b's family and friends, and seeing my old friends in cali. i fell in love with san pedro and would highly recommend it as a vacation spot. if I have time, I will write some more about the area.

now it is back to the grindstone, making all kinds of plans for spring business.

more later.

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sulu-design said...

Glad you're back home safely... and thanks for the supply source suggestions!