Monday, May 13, 2013

knotted thing

last summer I started working on these knotted hanging pieces, using natural elements found in my back yard and at the beach. I made two mobiles for two baby boys who were born. how the remaining pieces survived the flood, I do not know. two larger pieces were shuffled around countless times during the move, never making it to a box, and constantly getting caught on things. I associated them with being damp for so long that it wouldn't register that they would dry out at some point. now they are snug inside our apartment, and I've decided to do a little more work on them. I started thinking of neon colors and found this vinyl cord in pink and green. the rest of the piece is made from cotton cord, copper and brass wire, and a piece of drift wood from jacob riis park. jacob riis, part of a national seashore area comprised of former military bases, became a city dump for all of the refuse of the hurricane. the beach before the storm was sort of wild, compared to the combed ones run by the city further east towards civilization, like rockaway. scattered along it were sculptures and sculptural furniture, crafted out of driftwood and beach refuse. I always came back from jacob riis inspired, with a couple of natural relics in my bag, and that refreshed feeling that only being by the ocean can provide. it was one of those places in new york city that seemed like it shouldn't have been there.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

up to no good