Sunday, August 29, 2010


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

where was I?

since returning from hawaii it's been a nonstop flurry of activity. I actually had to check my twitter updates to remind myself of what I've been doing for the past three weeks. really.

but I'm not complaining, no. I was blessed with a bevy of formidable intern applicants- so I hired them all! haha. I did hire four people though- some interns and some a bit more.

today felt like the first *real* day to me because the great and powerful kim started gussying up our back wall. we gathered bunches of art supplies from the apartment and headed over to the store, where I gave her free reign. b was working on the technical aspects of the space- wiring, thinking about structural fixes and materials, making another trip to lowe's. it felt great to have things in motion and I was able to focus on a few projects myself.

over the weekend we made a trip upstate for the madison/bouckville antiques show. about 200 miles northwest of the city, the show takes place in one of the most beautiful and serene farm regions you can imagine. nothing but small town and friendly people for miles on end. two more new hires tomorrow! so bye.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

it's intern time

1. In case you haven't moseyed on over to the ebmerc blog, there's a bit of news you might want to know. b and have found a spot to house our new retail store/ art gallery/ chillin' space. the store on van brunt street in red hook will be the new home of everbrite mercantile co. and molliedash jewelry.

2. soo.... I will for sure need the help of an intern this fall. if you are a student at any of the local art and design schools, I can arrange for credit and there will be a small stipend. if you are recent graduate or someone looking for real-life small creative business experience, this might be the position for you too.

please email me with some information about your background and interest in this internship.

Friday, August 6, 2010

first basil harvest

b and I were away for six days, and being a first-time gardener, I was worried about what to do with the garden. first I tried to get someone to stay at our place- no takers. then I asked my upstairs neighbor to keep an eye on it, but he was going away for the same period of time. so b suggested a timer and a sprinkler. and what do you know- it worked. there were only three small plants that got missed by the spray. the vegetables are getting enormous- and thankfully my tomato tipis were not knocked by down by any strong winds. I decided it was time to harvest some of the basil today. so exciting, knowing that I started these from seed.