Wednesday, February 29, 2012

back in stock

incienso de santa fe's woodsy incense bricks, made in the u.s. I'm trying out some new scents this time around- mesquite and hickory. they should be a good compliment to the sweeter smelling piñion. forty count boxes for $6 each. as soon as I get a chance to photograph them, the clay incense burners (in the shape of wee log cabins and tipis) will be going on the site as well.

Friday, February 24, 2012

it's happening

setting up my studio in the back room. yes, that's a dutch door in the middle photo. it used to be the the back door to the 1901 house we live in. don't know what year the addition was built.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

full circle

lost & found films: this must be the place.
via roxy marj.

to b last nite: hasn't this guy been in our store?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

back in stock

GOE Oil!

More than just a favorite in our Red Hook store, GOE became the stuff of ritual- a way of life. Barely a visitor could enter the store without trying a dab of this mysterious skin elixir. And just a dab will do ya- a little goes a long way!

Like the rest of the Jao line, GOE oil is designed to be a multi-purpose product. Use it to soften those winter-dry hands for sure. And then wonder how you ever lived without it. Use it as a delicious body butter to soften rough elbows and calloused feet, or even to revitalize dull hair. One of my favorite uses- to tame wild eyebrows. Here's another one: I actually used it in the store to bring a vintage resin ashtray back to life. And Felecia, our resident yoga teacher, loves its botanical blend for lulling students into sivasana with a special neck massage.

And did you know? GOE Oil can be hand delivered straight to your door if you live or work in one of the five boroughs. Yes, EVEN STATEN ISLAND! Opting for hand delivery during the checkout process will save you the shipping cost! We are doing this as a thank you to our wonderful customers who visited us in our Brooklyn shop.