Tuesday, November 16, 2010

where to find molliedash jewelry

hey kids!

as you might have noticed, there are a lot of changes going on behind the scenes at molliedash/ everbrite mercantile co. Since we opened the store roughly a month ago, it has necessitated some logistical adjustments. so for now, I've placed my website under construction. it was bugging me to hell, having it a mish-mosh of styles, with out of date information, and no time to work on it. I might be moving some of the merchandise over to the ebmerc site so watch out for that. if you're in brooklyn or thinking of coming to brooklyn, my collection can be found in the everbrite brick and mortar store in red hook. or at Old Hollywood in Greenpoint and Chelsea.

originally I was thinking to have two separate business running, but now I see that it just doesn't make sense. plus, I just don't have the time to run them that way. this involves more than websites and blogs- it has to do with bank accounts and record keeping also.

the question of keeping this blog running is also on my mind. most of my posts lately have been everbrite related, so merging the two into one blog is something we're considering.

for now we're heavily into holiday preparations for the store- ordering, ordering, ordering. then a new window display to be revealed for black friday, and the challenge of putting out all the new merch, pricing it, putting it into inventory, etc.

but be prepared- our first month in the store was great and we are stocking WAY back up for the holidays. we'll have more of your favorites such as vintage-inspired Playforever toys, animal shot glasses from Goody Grams and loopy metal home accessories from Black+Blum. Look for new colors and designs from these great lines, as well as all-new creations from Emily Rothschild and Pop Chart Lab.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

yoga class with felecia maria

we're hosting our first event at everbrite mercantile co. next wednesday night- yoga by donation with felecia maria. for those of you who don't know, felecia is my good friend, a brilliant clothing designer, mom of two and a great yoga teacher. she's a dancer/ choreographer too, and began constructing her own costumes, which led to her current line of yoga pants! (which we have available at the store, hint, hint) so anyways... come unwind with us for a sweet one-hour vinyasa style class in red hook this wednesday. it's by donation, so don't stress out about the cost. I promise you will leave the class feeling blissed-out and relaxed.

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Toys!

We've been keeping secrets from our online customers! If you've been frequenting the store you've seen the awesome TOYS I'm talking about but they're just going up on the online store this week, so get ready.

We are carrying the most perfect and most shiny wooden yo-yo's in silver, red, and black. A classic toy that never gets old, until the string breaks, and then you'll have to replace it. At $12 they are kind of the perfect gift for anyone.

We have two models of wooden cars with fancy rolling wheels. These cars come with removable drivers and are just as practical as a desk ornament for a Chevrolet executive as they are a toy to be adored by a small child. We carry the "Oldtimer" that resembles an antique car and features an oscillating front axle, and the "Streamliner" a more compact and modern version.

........ and then........

The Eames blocks. Everyone I know wants to play with these. The set includes a miniature model of the original Study #8 Eames house and studio. When you disassemble the blocks they reveal letters like classic wooden blocks on one face, gorgeous graphic patterns on another edge, and the representation of the outside of the Eames buildings. Each block is hand screen-printed with lead-free non-toxic inks and they are entirely U.S. made. Is there a more luxurious and amazing block set available? Who knows, but it doesn't matter because this one is hands down the best.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to Pay Your Verizon Bill

1. Wait for bill to arrive
2. Bill never arrives
3. Receive disconnection notice
4. Attempt to pay online. Try to set up online bill pay- requires that temporary pin arrives by a)phone call at phone location. (the phone is at the store. I am not at the store while attempting to set up bill pay.) b)U.S. Postal service, which may arrive in 5-10 business days. Phone bill is due by 5pm, three days from receipt of disconnection notice.
5. Resume attempt at online billpay registration at the store. Receive temporary password. Enter temporary password. Verizon's website freezes up.
6. Return home and try entering temporary password on home computer. Verizon rejects temporary password.
7. Search Verizon's website for in-person payment locations. Search provides me with two locations in Brooklyn. (Brooklyn has approximately 2.5 million people)
8. Insert location into Google Maps. (no map is provided on Verizon's site)
9. Will call tomorrow to make sure that the Pawn Shop Verizon is sending me to is still in business.
10. Notice this feature on the top right of the bill, Pay your bill quickly by phone. Call 1-800-345-6563 any time day or night. Call and pay the low, low fee of just $3.50 to pay my bill with the assistance of an automated telephone system.
11. Check email and find that Verizon contacted me an hour before paying by phone, with a three-digit code that will enable me to validate the email address I have on file with them. HEH?
12. Make plans on filing a complaint with the PUC, claiming that Verizon makes it purposely difficult to pay your phone bill.