Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to Pay Your Verizon Bill

1. Wait for bill to arrive
2. Bill never arrives
3. Receive disconnection notice
4. Attempt to pay online. Try to set up online bill pay- requires that temporary pin arrives by a)phone call at phone location. (the phone is at the store. I am not at the store while attempting to set up bill pay.) b)U.S. Postal service, which may arrive in 5-10 business days. Phone bill is due by 5pm, three days from receipt of disconnection notice.
5. Resume attempt at online billpay registration at the store. Receive temporary password. Enter temporary password. Verizon's website freezes up.
6. Return home and try entering temporary password on home computer. Verizon rejects temporary password.
7. Search Verizon's website for in-person payment locations. Search provides me with two locations in Brooklyn. (Brooklyn has approximately 2.5 million people)
8. Insert location into Google Maps. (no map is provided on Verizon's site)
9. Will call tomorrow to make sure that the Pawn Shop Verizon is sending me to is still in business.
10. Notice this feature on the top right of the bill, Pay your bill quickly by phone. Call 1-800-345-6563 any time day or night. Call and pay the low, low fee of just $3.50 to pay my bill with the assistance of an automated telephone system.
11. Check email and find that Verizon contacted me an hour before paying by phone, with a three-digit code that will enable me to validate the email address I have on file with them. HEH?
12. Make plans on filing a complaint with the PUC, claiming that Verizon makes it purposely difficult to pay your phone bill.


bongolicious said...

annnnnd a week after the disconnect notice, the original bills arrive...

with late fees added, and expensive calling plans that were never approved.

Verizon = Scammy con artists

bongolicious said...

online public utility complaint form: