Friday, November 5, 2010

New Toys!

We've been keeping secrets from our online customers! If you've been frequenting the store you've seen the awesome TOYS I'm talking about but they're just going up on the online store this week, so get ready.

We are carrying the most perfect and most shiny wooden yo-yo's in silver, red, and black. A classic toy that never gets old, until the string breaks, and then you'll have to replace it. At $12 they are kind of the perfect gift for anyone.

We have two models of wooden cars with fancy rolling wheels. These cars come with removable drivers and are just as practical as a desk ornament for a Chevrolet executive as they are a toy to be adored by a small child. We carry the "Oldtimer" that resembles an antique car and features an oscillating front axle, and the "Streamliner" a more compact and modern version.

........ and then........

The Eames blocks. Everyone I know wants to play with these. The set includes a miniature model of the original Study #8 Eames house and studio. When you disassemble the blocks they reveal letters like classic wooden blocks on one face, gorgeous graphic patterns on another edge, and the representation of the outside of the Eames buildings. Each block is hand screen-printed with lead-free non-toxic inks and they are entirely U.S. made. Is there a more luxurious and amazing block set available? Who knows, but it doesn't matter because this one is hands down the best.

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