Saturday, October 24, 2009

258 cafe

b and I have been out on foot distributing everbrite mercantile co. post cards to coffee houses and cafes for the past week. we've had this gorgeous warm weather to take advantage of after all. on the first day we hit the obvious places, our neighborhood being adjacent to fort greene/clinton hill, and park slope being the next neighborhood down. on tuesday it was beautiful out again, so I suggested we get some lunch here in bed-stuy and pass out some more cards. we had seen 258 cafe mentioned on the bed-stuy blog but never ventured in. ridiculous seeing how close it is to our apartment, but we tend to either work at home or go OUT. we stopped in on our way to food 4 thought (which was closed for renovations, so it was peaches instead) and I met the very outgoing owner of 258, francine. she said she'd take a few cards, but insisted "try a cup of coffee!" I felt so compelled to obey her wishes that we stopped back by on the way home (to francine's amusement) and tried a cup of her joe. I'm not even a fan of flavored coffees, but I fell in love with her chocolate raspberry. just the thing for dessert. the three of us got to talking about the neighborhood and its burgeoning local businesses, and before we knew it, we had made a new friend.

francine said that she's had great success with local artists setting up a table in front of her shop to sell their goods, and asked us if we'd like to do it. the next time we came by to chat, she introduced us to frank, who was doing laundry next door. he's a jazz musician who played at 258's anniversary party, and francine invited him to play next sunday, november 1 while we were standing there. that's when it came together and we decided to set up our little table on the same day.

so stop on by. we have a neighborhood cafe! with live jazz! and coffee and treats!

november 1, 12-5ish p.m.
twofiftyeight cafe
199 malcolm x boulevard
@ putnam

A/C train to Utica Ave. Exit towards Malcolm X Blvd. and walk straight up till you hit it.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

then came bling

(posted by "and friend" of

Mollie is deep into rolling out a whole 'nother thing; pushing further and dishing out a brand new flavor of bling.

New pieces will be listed on the site soon. If you can't wait, then you'll need to pop on over to see Tiffany Porter at her Old Hollywood shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

She already has the latest molliedash selections as well as many other vintage finds, antiques, old-ish pieces and new items from other designers. She's got a magical little shop there in the old Polish neighborhood of Brooklyn.

m.dash busy in her lab

Thursday, October 8, 2009

my new dress

look what i just ordered from frecklewonder. i've been following this site since the wee early days of internet shopping, like back in 2002. it has been a big inspiration to me in setting up my own site, in terms of ease of navigation and good photography. oh and good products too! and wow, it's my first frecklewonder purchase. usually her stuff sells out too fast for me to grab something. so psyched- hope it fits.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

new designs

a whole collection of new items is coming for the website. I'm introducing pops of bright color, braided cord, and some mammoth pendants. and of course a new site design. so stayed tuned.