Tuesday, November 20, 2007

confessions of a haircolor junky

becoming a blogger means taking on a certain amount of responsibility to your readers. If you start posting in a way that charts your progress, in say, growing out your natural grey hair, there is an expectation that the posts will appear periodically. If the subject of the post is something that is difficult for the blogger to engage in, then there might a reluctance to post as often as the readers might want. Upon my last post I did in fact state that I would be posting a photograph of my hair soon. b got a few shots of me while we were doing the Imme shoot, and I thought I would post one or two. but when I went to edit the photos, I didn't like how they looked (unflattering, taken the day before I came down with a cold, making me feel inferior to the younger, beautiful models we shot that day) and I never put them up.

the other night b and I were walking around manhattan as the sun was going down. peering into a brightly lit shop window, I caught my reflection in the mirrored backdrop. seeing my salt and pepper bangs, I looked more soccer mom than Louise Brooks (the inspiration for my current haircut.)

when I performed for dancenOw in early september, I feared that grey roots wouldn't be a good onstage look, and used a washout haircolor that day. the color stayed for a couple of weeks, and I liked how it made the grey more subtle. I still had a half a bottle of loving care sitting on the shelf mocking me, and as I write this post, it's covering my hair. to quote Jane Hanstein Cunniffe, set your self free. you can always go back.


sulu-design said...

You owe us readers nothing, my dear. While I do love to read the chronicles of the graying hair, I also appreciate how much time, thought, and photo-planning goes into blogging, and when it's too much or it ain't working, don't do it. We'll still be here!

dash said...

aw thanks, susan. you're the best.

graygirls said...

you go, graygirl. did you get back on the wagon?

Oceangoddess said...

I, too, am in the process of transition to my True Self Absent Toxic Haircolor . . .not only was the inauthenticity bothering me, but I began to wonder, as I sat there processing at the salon, if the stinging on my scalp meant that this dye stuff was indeed dangerous to my health.

When you're ready to let the gray show again, you'll know. Our culture does little to nothing to encourage women to be who they are. Those of us trying to live more authentically need to encourage each other. Do what feels right to you!

dash said...

hey jane! I didn't realize there were people still commenting on this thread. yes, I'm still growing out the grey- it's been seven months now! the *loving care* doesn't make a difference at all in my progress- it washes out in a week or two.