Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ducky bling

b convinced me to pick up this duck pendant at the flea market. I think it was a wise choice. the necklace can be found at ai ai gasa if it hasn't been sold already.


lucy said...

Hello, I just discovered my blog as a link on your site, which made me very, very excited; thank you so much, it's rather flattering! I must in turn reiterate my gushing love of your work (in fact I've been trying a few things of my own with chain, inspired by your pieces). Now I just have to buy one (I’m so glad you ship to Australia)!

lucy said...

And I do like the 'ducky bling'.

dash said...

hey lucy!

I love your blog. wow, and you're only 17.

sign up for my mailing list- I'm sending out an offer this week.