Friday, October 10, 2008

getting close

while b's in L.A., we're co-designing my new site, cross-country. he's working on the technical aspects of getting the wholesale ordering up and running. I know I've been talking about this for months, and I'm glad to say that it's finally happening. my part is to make the site- both retail and wholesale, visually pleasing.

I'm here poking around my apartment, listening to public radio, drinking tea, browsing blogs. bad girl! it's gotta be one of the most gorgeous times of the year- true indian summer. I think I can cope with getting some work done today if I sneak out and do some errands around the neighborhood.

okay- what's up? there's a squirrel sitting high on top of a telephone pole out back, squawking and waving its tail. what does it see down below that's making it so crazy? on a similar note regarding nature in the city, there's a dead bird right outside my front window. the roof of the front porch is just inches below, and i usually get to watch visiting squirrels and cats. this incidence is odd, because the bird looks to be someone's escaped pet parakeet. it has a bright, fuzzy yellow belly, quite unlike a city bird.

so getting back to the neighborhood errands, I dropped my raincoat off at the cleaners to be revamped and repaired. finally! it's a 1960's navy blue above-the-knee thing, with wide lapels, zipped pockets, and lots of white top stitching. I had picked it up at a flea market in the east village for twenty bucks, and wore it with safety pins all over it for a couple of years. I took it by to have the top stitching redone and the main zipper replaced. can't wait to see what it looks like.

the ups man came this morning with my gold (and silver) testing kit! I've been accumulating so much vintage jewelry lately that I have a pile of questionable pieces. some of the stamps are so tiny, I can't even read them with a magnifying glass. the process involves acids, a scratch stone, and various needles. sounds like some fun science experimenting!

okay, I'm off to the showers. see ya.

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