Sunday, November 16, 2008

night rider

when b gets in work/ideas/programming mode, he tends to get up in the middle of the night, sometimes a few times a night. or stay up late, go to sleep a few hours later, then wake up again and do some more work. last night I fell asleep at 1am, with the lights still on. b was up working in bed. at around 2:30 a.m. I was dreaming something that made me laugh out loud, and I woke myself up. it was sort of a dorky, beavis and butthead type of laugh. b leaned over and asked me what was so funny. it startled me, and i asked him if I was laughing out loud. I got embarassed, then got up and headed to the bathroom. then I fell right back to sleep. today I asked him why he leaned all the way in to my face. he said he hadn't- that he leaned forward a little bit. the whole thing was so distorted. I then told him that the thing that I was laughing about was Night Rider. he said oh, that would make anyone laugh.

I just watched a "garfield and friends" episode where garfield steals a whole pizza from john, and then he has a nightmare where he eats and eats and grows so big that he climbs a skyscraper like king kong and eats an airplane, later to be abducted by a spaceship that wants to feed its whole planet on garfield. that's how I feel right now. I fell asleep with a slight headache, and overnight it turned into a dull sinus headache, and I kept tossing and turning. I slept late, then finally made a cup of coffee. deciding that I needed to eat healthier, I juiced a whole bunch of farmer's market carrots, two apples, two tangerines, and a slab of ginger. I divided it into two glasses, but b hardly drank any. so I drank most of his. now I was hungry, so I heated up some leftover chinese food. that really didn't satisfy me, so I cooked a frozen quiche in the oven. yeah, now I feel sick.

p.s. I almost left out the part about the bufferin.


betsy and iya said...

First of all, this story is just awesome. Today I am feeling lots of empathy with the second half. I woke up fifteen minutes AFTER I was supposed to be in my studio for a friend to take photos of my newest pieces. threw on a ridiculous outfit, ate semi-nutritious food way too fast, and the coffee has yet to catch me in my slow slothy slouch of a morning. not a good feeling.

BUT mainly I wanted to tell you that I just saw your work on the Modish blog and I've fallen in love a little. I really really like what you are doing. It's very inspirational to me.

Okay, now that I've just gushed so hard, I'm gonna go drink some more coffee. I will win this race.

dash said...

hey betsy, nice to meet you! I love your lace earrings. I methodically went through all of the stores you sell with. uh-huh, you're ambitious.