Tuesday, November 4, 2008

feeling all activist-ey

•If you live in the 10th Congressional District in NY as I do, you can still write in Kevin Powell for Congress. He might not have won the Democratic primary, but there's no reason not to support him. The way I look at it, Kevin Powell is like the Barack Obama of Brooklyn. He's fresh, young, smart, upbeat, and has a whole lot of common sense. Incumbent Edolphus Townes has been in office far too long, taking advantage of his status as democrat to guarantee votes. Read here to find out about Kevin Powell's platform.

•Why I love my phone company: You might remember Working Assets from the 1980's- the socially, politically, and environmentally conscious phone company. They're now called Credo and they offer both long distance and mobile service. As a member, Credo donates 1% of your bill to a group of progressive non-profits that the members vote on each year. Each month's bill is sort of like a newsletter, and includes information on important Congressional votes, giving contact information for your particular Senator or Rep. There is also a reading list, and books can be ordered for 10% off retail. This morning I received a text alert from Credo, encouraging members to spread the word to vote, and that all domestic calls are on them today.

•As I said in the post below, I always feel guilty having to throw away non-recyclable plastic packaging. So I was psyched to find eco-dent dental floss at whole foods, which uses paper packaging.

•While shopping at Target, I picked up a couple of burt's bees products. I have to say that I dismissed this brand for a while, thinking it was too "hippie." honestly, I don't know what I was thinking, being a die-hard dr. bronner's fan. I purchased the citrus facial scrub and the pomegranate and soy conditioner, and I am very pleased. The scrub is nice and scrubby, while also being moisturizing. And it comes in a resuable/recyclable glass container with a metal lid. also, Target sells Burt's Bee's products at a slight discount.


loulouhex said...

burt's bee's ginger citrus body wash = crack. also crack-like: the honey lip balm and the buttermilk lotion, which actually smells coconutty.

burt's bee's is now owned by clorox. clorox makes a line of nontoxic cleaners. (you know, to go with their BLEACH). the surface spray cleaner is made from coconut junks and smells like coconut. omg. coconut windex.

dash said...

no fucking way.

dash said...

ah, indeed.

New York Times Article on Burt's Bees