Thursday, July 17, 2008

up to my eyeballs in inventory control

I'm getting ready to leave on a long trip and for the first time ever, I'm leaving my assistant in charge! or leaving anyone in charge, since she's been working for me for a relatively short time. b had suggested taking my inventory with me as I had over the holidays, but the jewelry and my computer added a lot of weight to my bag. I really want this to be a vacation, and I couldn't envision taking that much work with me.

so in preparation for all of this, I have to make sure that a) she has enough projects to work on and b) all of the inventory listed on the site and on supermarket is either 1) here and ready to be shipped or 2) left in pieces for felecia to assemble. it's a lot to think about and prepare for.

I decided that I will take some samples to show to potential wholesale customers. there are some L.A. shops I have in mind.

okay, that's it for now. I just needed to take a break from all of this left-brained activity.

and I will be posting about a special website offer soon, so stay tuned.

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