Wednesday, July 16, 2008

my grey hairs

okay, this is something I think about updating you readers on every time I look in the bathroom mirror. but then I think, oh the most recent photos of me are on b's computer, and b's in L.A., and yeah b could email them to me, but then I'd have to ask him, and then I just talk myself out of doing the post altogether. so maybe i'll just do the post and then it will motivate me to get my mits on some pics.

this is what I think whenever I look in the mirror, now that there are many inches of grey grown out and only a speck of hair color left on the ends- it's not nearly as grey as I thought it was going to be. after ten-plus years of keeping it under wraps, sure that the grey would be shockingly noticeable- I come to find out- not so much. here's something to keep in mind if you are trying to grow out your color- the roots you see look greyer than they actually are because they are next to a solid band of color. here's something else I've realized- my grey is predominantly on the first few layers of hair, starting from the crown. All of the hair underneath is dark brown. It's like the opposite effect of greying at the temples. I suppose each person's hair has a different pattern.

I'm still fascinated by just how many people, especially women, color their hair. Seeing someone who is grey is strange to the eyes. Adjusting to my new appearance isn't easy- many times I'm tempted to run into the Duane Reade and buy some hair color. And I avoid looking at myself in the mirror in certain stores that have unflattering lighting. I hope I'll get over my hangups sometime soon. Maybe my appearance will inspire someone else to stop coloring his/her hair. and before you know it, it won't be such a strange thing.

watching the woodstock movie made me long for a time when people looked more natural. I was only three when the concert took place, but I remember the era stretching well into the 70's. maybe it's time for a new era of peace, love, and rock n' roll?


design for mankind. said...

Awww, I love this post. You're right-- grey isn't around much these days.

Let's dye our hair gray! :)

dash said...

ha ha. I've seen people do that.

janelle said...

i love grey hair! please keep it. i think it is the most beautiful.

dash said...

thanks janelle. I like your natural hair too- it's rare.