Friday, August 5, 2011

John Stein's Grampa

New in the Everbrite Mercantile Gallery: John Stein bring us his altered universe, where grampas and teddy bears wage war with cowboys and dinosaurs. In addition to John's signature ballpoint pen panoramas, the show includes 3-d printed sculptures, paintings, and a large, digitally-printed banner. Miniature cast resin bears and posters are available as souvenirs.

The art shows are lining up fast and furious- we're nearly scheduled through the end of the year. What really excites me is that we are able to hold onto pieces from each show, to add to the store's collection. We currently have one of Greg Barnett's large quilts, a painting on board, a smattering of his 8 1/2 x 11 drawings, and two plush toys. Kegan Fisher was kind enough to loan us No Way Out But In, and L.A. Sunset. And of course we still have a smattering of Jenna Kole's origami ornaments on hand.

Stay tuned for more art and make it out to Red Hook this weekend if you can.

clicky on the picky for a larger view.

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