Friday, August 12, 2011

ebay auction ending at midnight tomorrow

heya! b and I decided to set up an ebay shop for everbrite. I posted the first item, the Gumball Engagement Ring by O-Live. The auction ends tomorrow at midnight, and the opening bid is just $10.

O-Live was one of the first designers we picked up when launching the everbrite site in October of 2009. We found her magical wonderland of a booth (minus Olive- she came and found us) at the Gift Show (giant trade show in case you don't know) earlier that year. One of the many lessons we've learned being shop keepers over the past couple of years is that just because you love a product, doesn't mean it's necessarily going to sell. So! here were are with some great, perfect, never used items that we are going to be auctioning off on ebay. stay tuned for more and more goodies as we get the hang of being ebay sellers.

in the mean time, go ahead and bid on O-Live's ring! It's completely hand made by the genius Olive herself, from colorful charms encased in a lexan bubble, surrounded by crocheted vinyl cord, and finished with sterling silver wire. beauty!

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