Thursday, July 7, 2011

more gardening!

yesterday I noticed how overgrown the English Ivy had become and decided to cut it back. I found the original plant, which had been placed at the end of the bed that hugs the east fence. the root cluster was still stuffed full of vermiculite, from the potting soil it originally came with.

here is some of what I cut away.

this little tree is the first thing I noticed that had survived the snow when we moved in in the spring of last year.

some of the leaves have yellowed and have these white spots, telling me that something isn't right. I pruned the little guy back and added compost. I really haven't given the tree any love since I repotted it last year.

but at the same time, it's starting to flower. new leaves are forming.

I'm turning what's left of the veggie patch into an area for herbs and flowers. After everything died last fall, the neighborhood cats took advantage of the bare ground and started pooping there. This was made obvious by the presence of house flies. I rooted through the soil removing the turds, and transferred the dirt to non-edible plants. The cats had contained their activity to two sections of the bed, so I was able to salvage the rest of my good organic soil in this area.

A cutting from the Autumn Fire Stonecrop, which I pruned last year when the plant was feasted upon by birds. The cutting lasted through the winter indoors. To the right is a bit of a sedum variety, which I had placed in the east bed, not knowing what it would do. It ended up being shaded by the many vines, so I transferred it this year. In the pot is what I believe to be a barley sprout. I've been composting the remains of barley tea, and I noticed something sprouting in the bin.

Eucalyptus Cordata in the pot, because it will need to be brought indoors when the weather turns cool. To the right is Lantana Camara. In front are rosemary and sage.

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