Sunday, July 3, 2011

the garden

Precious little time to spend in the garden this summer. The work I put in last year paid off though, and plants grew back prettier than before.

echinacea and lavender

view towards the back. the english ivy has finally gathered around the ladder. I propped the alium (onion) on an old chair, as it grew too tall.

there was just a tiny bit of this species of sedum growing above the step, in the paver cracks, last year. it spreads more slowly than the other stuff I'm cultivating. (the branchier stuff to the left) This year it's growing white flowers!

the lamb's ear came back very thick. then it started flowering, and it's kind of a mess. I will cut it back this week. the autumn fire stone crop behind it is looking good.

picked up rosemary, (hearty variety- want to try leaving it outside this winter. Don't know if I got a big enough plant to survive) peppermint, eucalyptus, and these beautiful roses. the roses will go in the former vegetable patch. the herbs will go in pots.

I have visions of creating a cool environment to hang out in, full of greenery. I shaded the back door to the apartment (which leads to the garden) with a mesh screen, cooling down the bedroom. A kiddie pool and giant mosquito coil incense are what I'm thinking of, along with seating.

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