Wednesday, December 15, 2010

new poketo

the donutsu and mushroom mugs sold out so quickly in the Red Hook shop, I knew I had to place another order with Poketo soon! we have three new styles of mug- the raygun is my favorite- and also three new wallet styles in stock. woo hoo! bright and cheerful Poketo gifts for $20 and under!

raygun mug- the best!

alien mug- this one's okay too.

elephant mug- b requested this one. it's cute.

bear wallet- it's my cute pick.

buddy wallet- c'mon!

unicorn wallet- lush and trippy

fyi the mushroom mug and wallet are both back in stock. the donutsu mug, sadly, is discontinued. I saw a photograph of it in the promo for Poketo's warehouse sale and I was all, "hey! no fair!" If you don't know Poketo, you should. This L.A.- based company makes all sorts of limited edition items emblazoned with the work of artists, illustrators, doodlers and designers. They are the ones responsible for the amazing SPACETIME wall art we have plastered on the walls of our store. so check 'em out.

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