Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the garden on october 3

I had almost forgotten how spectacular the garden looked in early October. I was out there one day pulling the remaining morning glory off the chain link fence when I found this grasshopper family. They let me get close but were clearly aware of my presence and tolerated my lens for only so long.

meanwhile my friend the grey and white cat came out from behind the rear fence. It was not long before I heard hissing and saw a tiger-striped cat with a large, triangular head start to give my buddy trouble.

I walked to the east side of the yard and was amazed by what I saw- two enormous cucumbers growing over the fence from the neighbor's garden. I picked them and gave one to Bobbi and Carlos- they must have weighed a pound each. Easily the best cucumbers I've had- super crisp, with a lemony flavor.

Here's the vegetable patch. Okay, maybe my memory was a little fuzzy in saying that it suffered minor damage from the storm. Post-storm photos to follow.

basil, lettuce and thyme

the lettuce, while it was small


lamb's ear

the flower bed, near the house

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