Friday, December 17, 2010

emily rothschild

emily rothschild is an industrial designer who just happens to make some of the most innovative jewelry around in her free time. we first got emily's pinky wings in the store, and they have been a great success. the wings can be worn on the pinky or ring finger and come in left and right hand orientation. they're made of cast bronze, plated in your choice of silvery rhodium or white powder coat.

when emily told me (rather excitedly) that she was coming out with some new necklaces, of course I wanted to see them. each great design contains its own form of trickery.

the whirlgig necklace is a tiny animation that you can wear around your neck. based on a 1920's concept, two slightly different images decorate each side of a rotating disk. We chose the Dancing Couple and the Lumberjack for ebmerc. they're made of brass and are hung on a fine gold tone chain.

the black box key is a particular favorite of mine, as I love surprises. Emily has made a series of necklaces, each one slightly different, from vintage keys have been powder coated in various colors. they come packaged in a black box, tied with ribbon and sealed with red wax.

and saving the best for last, we have the 2010 Mourning Locket. In another nod to the past, Emily tweaks the idea of a Victorian mourning locket, in which you would carry a photo of your dear, departed one. In this version the photos have been replaced by a two-gig flash drive. enough storage to hold all your photos if you like.

all items are available both in the Red Hook store and online.

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