Sunday, June 20, 2010

squash blossoms

I went out early this morning to photograph the open squash blossoms. they close as the day wears on and the sun gets brighter. a few have been dropping, so that's a good sign. I read somewhere that the male flowers blossom first and drop, before the female flowers bloom and fruit. all's going according to plan!

the eggplant is blossoming too.

see that? that's a tiny green bean! (click for a larger view)

the lavender is blooming!

morning glory is pretty, but extremely invasive. I probably spend half my gardening time plucking it out of the garden. this is one section I let go.

something is making a feast out of my stonecrop. not sure it's snails because it's on the upper leaves. it's the dang birds. caught them in the act this morning!

the lamb's ear is doing well though.

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