Tuesday, June 29, 2010

cooling down

doing a little tweaking to the blog. I'm manually editing the image size pic by pic, so I'm not sure how far back in history I'll go with it. (this is where an intern would come in handy!)

it's been a rough few days for the garden- high temps and no rain. I've been misting the plants as much as possible, which seems to be helping. lesson learned not to plant herbs from seed directly into a bed with full sun exposure. the tiny, young plants are too fragile to handle such hot sun. when the basil started getting thick I divided a few plants out and put them in a seedling tray. they're on a table which gets sun only part of the day and they are faring much better than the ones in the bed. the poor dill is having a really hard time of it. thankfully it started cooling down tonight and the next few days should be in the low 80's. I hope the weather holds out while the plants are in this state and they'll get a chance to grow a bit. there are also some tiny plants which I think are oregano (damn, I threw the packet away) and they're struggling too.

the zucchini is doing fine- gigantic leaves, hardy plant. I even have a small squash growing which should be ready in a day or so. the rest of the plants are hanging on with a lot of attention, and the tomato even seems to enjoy the heat- the larger of the two plants has its first yellow flower.

there are a few plants which have yet to find their home, still hanging on in their plastic pots from the garden center. I had been working regularly late into the evening as to avoid the mid-day sun, but now the mosquitos are making their presence. Citronella candles are on the list.

when I'm not working in the garden.... I'm coming up with a new collection for Old Hollywood. not only is their Limelight location going gangbusters, but they're moving their Greenpoint location to a larger spot, on Franklin Street. I'll try to take some pics of the new work tomorrow.

ciao for now.

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