Friday, March 19, 2010

onward and upward

This week b and I took several trips to the storage unit (it's called treasure island) in order to make this (smaller than the last one) apartment more manageable. my idea was to store anything non essential- books and tchochkes, excess kitchen equipment, along with the furniture that we couldn't fit through the front door. the place is slowly but surely coming along. b turned the g4 tower we had rescued from a bed-stuy sidewalk into a file and print server, requesting that I return from my manhattan appointment last week with a new monitor. we have two desks facing the front and the only two light-emitting windows, (second desk also salvaged from the trash) and they were cleared off in time to schedule a work day with Felecia. The pieces I had her work on continue in a similar vein to what I've been doing, but I'm yearning to create something new.

So I plan on devoting some time to playing. Playing is the way to come up with new designs for me. Pull out the materials, see what's hiding in there that I haven't considered for a while, think about new shapes, and be inspired by some of the newer pieces I've acquired.

Being inspired for me also involves purging and moving things along. try as I might to make my etsy shop a go, sales have been dead and I'm finally over it. Red Hook seems like it would be a great neighborhood in which to set up a table and sell stuff. We've been putting out a "free box" in front of the apartment and every last item has disappeared- so that means good food traffic. Can't wait to set up and free myself of some of the lower-priced vintage and excess materials.

So we were treated to free tickets for the Architectural Digest Home Design Show this weekend. by a great design couple I've only met through email conversations! I'm going to jump into the shower now and see if b wants to go today.

be sure to get out in the nice weather this weekend, people!

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