Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mr. Bookshelf

posted by "and friend"

Mollie's constant emphasis on recycling is having an impact on me.

A few days ago the neighbors put some 30" pine boards in the trash - old Ikea detritus. I grabbed them.

While making tree branch sculptures in the back yard (from an old dead tree I sawed to bits), I took some time to glue n' screw together a book shelf from as few pieces as possible.

It took 3 of the planks to make a shelf: One for the back, one for the side and the 3rd plank jigsawed into diagonals for the books to rest on.

I designed it to mount at an angle on the wall so the books self-right themselves into place.

Not sure if the 3 drywall anchors I used are enough to hold it, but here it is with 48 pounds of books piled on.

For wall anchoring with very little back side clearance, I recommend Triple-Grip anchors from Cobra Anchor Corp.

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