Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new apartment, new neighborhood

february was incredibly busy for us. after returning from florida, we had 3.5 weeks to find an apartment, pack up and move. I had finally had it with our super, our landlord and bed-stuy in general, and convinced b it was time to get out of there. granted we were giving up cheap rent, lots of space, sky-high ceilings and 10 foot windows. but seriously. the lack of a decent grocery store was starting to get to us. so we conducted the craigslist hunt and ended up in red hook. it's not a neighborhood I ever thought I'd find myself in- a bit off the beaten path. but come to find out that despite the neighborhood's lack of train service, it's ridiculously close to all the other good neighborhoods. and tiny as red hook is, we have nearly everything we need just a few steps from our door. plus it's this really cool, old port neighborhood- I can hear fog horns as I write this.

so the selling point on the apartment we took is its back yard. yay-oh-yay, we have a back yard to play with. the weather suddenly turned beautiful on sunday and I couldn't resist getting out there to clean up. I love picking through an old garden and seeing what's there. the landlord is letting us keep whatever we want, and he's picking up the rest of the junk on saturday.

see that? it's a lavender bush!!!

weird little clump of grass on its own.

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