Monday, August 10, 2009


so we're back on for the flea, this sunday the 16th. I used to never look at weather forecasts, and did just fine on my own. I think I'll go back to that method. (it didn't rain yesterday after all)

at least we're prepared, and can relax this week. the plastic mesh came today!

here's some more eye candy for you.

copper, brass and steel wire rings from andrew clark of brooklyn.

all-natural herbal soaps from family-owned master soap makers valobra, of genova, italy. cool packaging too.

pewter and glass moose shot glass from goody grams of japan. we have a rabbit version too.

nambu cast iron birds-foot bookends from northern japan.

also...EVERYTHING in the molliedash collection will be discounted 20%, 30% or 50% off!

I sincerely hope everything goes smoothly for this weekend. fingers crossed.


blue moss said...

hope it's a fabulous weekend :)

dash said...

thanks michelle. man, I love your blog.