Thursday, August 6, 2009

check-check-check it out.

this a.m. the ups man arrived with our cards, straight in from astoria, queens. (click on it for a larger view) yesterday b and I took the g train up to metropolitan ave. in williamsburg to get some supplies. I had some stretchers sitting around, rescued from the trash when I lived in astoria, over four years ago! first stop was crest hardware, where we got s-hooks for hanging stuff like t-shirts and stuffed toys from the frame of the tent; clothes pins for anchoring down price tags; light bulbs cause we needed them; bungees b/c why not; and a grommet kit for hanging the mesh. the mesh probably won't get here till monday, btw. then down to artist & craftsman supply for canvas and gesso. then back to crest for a staple gun and staples. I got rid of a lot of my heavy painting supplies when I left richmond in 1997 and never replaced them. it felt so good to have these items back in my possession, and better yet to use them today. we talked about ideas for making an everbrite sign, and b suggested painting one. great idea! I already had a stash of acrylics and brushes. and oh, if you ever get a chance to check out crest hardware, do it! the trippiest hardware store you'll ever see- artwork made of and inspired by hardware, tucked into every corner of the place. today I stretched one of the canvases and put on three coats of gesso. then I pulled down a box of vintage stuff from the closet and started pricing things: a pair of 1979 candie's, (I wore these to my jr. high graduation) 1960's ray ban "caribbean" sunglasses, a set of 60's frosted cocktail glasses, a polaroid spectra, and more! I also found a stash of bargain necklaces I had made ($10 each) and handful of puka bead chokers. tomorrow we really need to get some bins so I can get everything that's priced out of the way and I can see what I'm doing. but the weather's looking good for this weekend, so I'm psyched.

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