Tuesday, July 7, 2009

new stuff

I just uploaded a few of the new items I've been teasing you with. they're part of a larger scheme site update, but I figured I'd just get them up there while I'm working on it. the update involves introducing collections- something I've had on my mind for a while. the classic collection of mostly metal jewelry will continue. alongside I will introduce other categories, the first of which is this summer batch of african-inspired work. and to try something new, there will be a section of finished vintage jewelry. I come across so much stuff that is perfectly good as-is, and not in need of being repurposed. I love wearing vintage jewelry in combination with my own work, so maybe you will too. and for you MENS out there, I have a great little stash of things for you: cuff links, tie tacks and rings. oh yeah, don't think you're too cool to wear jewelry, cause you're not. so go on and check out the new stuff and the complete site will be updated in just a few days.

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