Wednesday, July 15, 2009

facebook has become my blog

honestly, it's so terribly easy to post links on facebook. no coding involved. so anyways, I was thinking, jeez. I should post some of the same content here. so here are some of the cool things I've come across recently.

design*sponge's richmond guide! in case you didn't know, I spent eight great years in richmond, including four years at vcu. most of my family lives there and I have fond thoughts for the little northernmost southern city. I was surprised (but not so surprised) to find out that grace bonney was born there. so go check out the guide. I haven't been down in so long, I might have to use it myself.

next up, MERCE FRIGGIN CUNNINGHAM company is performing FREE at the river to river festival in a few weeks. uh-huh. while visiting his site, check out the mondays with merce video series.


sulu-design said...

Maybe I knew this, and maybe I'd forgotten... VCU, huh? My husband was born in Richmond and raised in the Fan. I'm glad that there's a D*S guide to the city now. Richmond is pretty cool.

dash said...

hey susan- yeah, you knew this;) richmond is pretty cool- haven't been in a while.