Thursday, June 5, 2008

yes siree bob

my scotch bling necklace is included in a little writeup about jewelry designers at the brooklyn flea, in the june (online edition) of NYLON. I haven't checked the print edition yet. Anyone out there have it?

p.s. just picked up a copy- it's only on the web edition. but really, this means a lot to me, to be on NYLON's radar.


sulu-design said...

Congrats on the write up. And yay for having your pieces just around the corner from me at Hermitage - it's such a lovely shop, made even better now that your jewelry is there!

dash said...

aw, thanks!

hey susan, looks like we'll be visiting portland in late july/early august. I'd love to meet you.

loulouhex said...

it means a lot to me too that you are in nylon's radar. "women love you, fish fear you"