Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I've been inspired lately by the multitudes of drawings I see on the blogs I frequent. especially by the lovely artwork created by showpony owner Kime Buzzelli, and the quirky drawings of fashion student/ illustrator roxy marj.

last weekend b and I attended bos (bushwick open studios) and all my nostalgia for art school, drawing, painting, and living the artist's life kicked in. I guess by most peoples' standards I am living the artist's life. It's just that my work has started to require so much business-oriented thought, that sometimes I feel that there's something lacking. like my brain has switched over to a different way of thinking, when I worked so hard to free my mind for so many years.

so in an effort to chill out a little bit and get back into thinking like an artist, I rummaged through my drawings for a little self-inspiration. okay, I didn't exactly rummage, as the drawings were neatly filed inside a folder. but i came across these doodles I did upon moving to nyc four years ago. they were existing postcards that I drew on top of while riding the subway. I got the basic sketching down while on the train, then augmented them at home. click on them for larger views.

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