Sunday, June 15, 2008

good news/bad news

new molliedash items have just been added to modishoppe. ;)
modishoppe will be closing after one successful year online, as of june 30. ;(
but wait...modish is offering 15% off all items in the shop. ;)
the photography of the new pieces looks so gorgeous, it makes me sad to see modish go. ;(

weird as it might sound, another one of the stores that carries molliedash will be closing at the end of the month- ai ai gasa. ;(
(that makes four this spring.) ;(

but for those of you in san francisco, I'm happy to add dema as a new store that carries my work. ;) and if you're in portland, be sure to stop by hermitage, also a new shop for molliedash goods. ;)


Oh Sombra said...

I blame it on etsy

dash said...

stores closing? oh, I kind of doubt that.

dash said...

just to clarify, all of the store closings had to do with personal and/or logistical reasons.

the high cost of rent in park slope hasn't helped either. I think with real estate peaking out at the end of the year and the economy looking a little shaky, this was a good time to reevaluate.