Sunday, May 18, 2008


today was slow at the flea market, then along came the rain and it got even slower. so we packed up early and came back here to hunker down in the pad. the bed-stuy flat. while listing some etsy items, I decided to check the treasury. the treasury is a user-curated collection of items from peoples' shops. they are viewable as a list, each title representing a grid of 16 thumbnails. etsy picks their favorite treasuries and posts them on the front page. I've been trying to get a treasury for a while. they are available only when the total number of lists drops below 333. each one is up on the site for approximately two days. they are a good way to show off some of your friends' shops, and to get exposure for your own as well. here's my treasury.

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design for mankind. said...

I love the print you've shown! :)