Thursday, May 29, 2008

hillary clinton

hillary clinton should step down from the race. the democrats need to stand behind one candidate, and need as much time as possible to build momentum and create a favorable campaign. by hilary staying in the race, resources are being drawn away from what should be the main focus- presenting a strong candidate. barack obama has proven to be just that.

the democrats are known for blowing elections- even ones that are all but handed to them.




Oh... Mercy said...

Hi Mollydash.

Love your work.
But that's not where I am going.

I am going to disagree with you on this.
Here is why.

No matter what Hillary Clinton does she will be analyzed, attacked, dissected, distorted, represented and misrepresented etc.
Just as she has been given a hard time for staying in and for withstanding all the calls to drop out (and don't forget this has been going on since Iowa!)she would receive the same treatment if she had dropped out. She would have been called a quitter and as a woman she would have been ripped further... subtly yes, but ripped none the less.

Because she has stayed in so long this has allowed millions of peoples to vote who have never been able to vote in a primary and have allowed millions of people choose between 2 historic candidates. She has also galvanized as many voters as Obama (see below) and she is living an example for young girls (and boys too, which is way important) So why should she quit now and let these 3 last contests go and disappoint these people who are so excited and looking forward to voting so much.

They would like their votes tallied, to know their votes are reflected in the totals. This is something they will always be proud of and talk about. There may never be a primary in these states again. There will certainly never be a primary this historic. An African American will run again, will get close or win again. The same for a woman, someday, we hope but never will there be the first AA, the first woman and here they are, running against each other.

Besides that, these last three contests I mean, there is history.
Clinton has not been touted nearly as often as being an historical candidate. In the beginning, yes, but once the calls started for her to quit most of the time the historicity of her candidacy was in relation to Obama, an addendum, an appendage. Anyway, here is the thing, she is an historic candidate and I believe when she quits she should be able to have every vote that was cast for her next to her name. NOT because it will affect the outcome. It won't. We know Obama is going to be the candidate.But pride is part of this,and legacy- pointing to how close she came- not just for her but for young women, for her supporters.

So why this constant clarion cal? My take is that it isn't Clinton who has caused division it is this consistent discussion of her in divisive terms that is creating a narrative just as the neocons created a narrative about her as polarizing, just as axelrod has creating a narrative about her as race baiting, the constant pushing and pulling at her creates a narrative that she should go home.

Meanwhile there has never been a candidate who was told to quit the race by the media. There has never been a candidate that the Democratic powers that be are going to stop from going to convention.
I don't know what this says about our culture. I think we will be wondering about this, thinking about it for years.
I cannot wait for scholars, historians, cultural analysts (NOT PUNDITS)write books deconstructing what has happened here.
It is fascinating though sometimes infuriating and sometimes painful.I have never seen anything like it.

BTW. I think if Obama campaign had has more respect for her he would have approached her campaign and offered her a position or an appointment in his administration she may have dropped out (though unlikely given the historic thing I said earlier). This is always part of the process. Considering that she really is equal to him in actual cast votes and will probably exceed him in votes she is at least as popular as he is. Our process (Democratic) is pretty screwed up. Note that I am not claiming these votes are what count, I am just noting that Clinton has as much support from actual voters as Obama does and therefore the idea of the DNC, Pelosi, Reid and the media telling her to quit is even more strange.

well, just my opinion of course.

OH, another little tidbit

dash said...


I'm basing my opinion on my own thoughts- it has nothing to do with the media suggesting that she step down. I'm not going on anyone else's recommendation but my own.

I don't think allowing people to vote in a "historic" race is reason enough to keep her in. I also don't think Hilary Clinton is a particularly good role model for girls, beside from the fact that she's a woman. I'm talking about the person herself- apart from her gender.

And Obama has no obligation to invite her as a running mate. I'm sure he can find someone who better suits his style.

How do you know how the media would have treated her if she had dropped out of the race?

and finally, how do you know that a candidate has never been told to quit a race by the media? btw, is that what's happening now? I've only heard reporters speculate or suggest- no one actually telling her to quit.


dash said...


thanks for commenting, oh...mercy. I don't often blog about politics, but I sure have a lot of opinions.