Tuesday, February 19, 2008

stuck in L.A.

b and i hit up the Long Beach Flea Market on Sunday. Because of L.A.'s near perfect year-round weather, *swap meets* are a huge event, occurring every weekend, the major ones happening on alternating weeks of the month. Long Beach's is located right near the airport, in the parking lot of Veteran's Memorial Stadium, and has over 800 vendors. I spent an hour making my way through the first row alone. I was lucky in that I veered towards the vendors who had a lot of jewelry and parts first. I wanted badly to look through the clothing racks, which were plentiful and looked inexpensive, but I knew I would never make it through the market if I did. We had a wedding to go to at 5:30, in the valley. here are some of the things I found.

I will probably be here another week, btw.

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sulu-design said...

I'm always enamored with the secondhand pieces you choose for your jewelry-making. You have such a keen eye.