Thursday, February 7, 2008

it's alive

I just finished working on a really fun project, designing a new website for imMe industries. The talented woman behind this beautiful line of clothing is my gal FeleciaMaria. As a dancer, she has a nack for creating flattering, comfortable pieces that go easily from the studio to the street. Go check her out- she sells her work through etsy, and if you live in nyc, she'll do custom fittings.

From my end of it, the challenge was to put together a site that would allow Felecia to do her own updates, given my rudimentary html skills. Since I've had success on my own end developing my business through free software resources, I decided to tap into the same model. I set up a flickr page to use as a gallery of sold items, and a blog through blogger for news updates. Felecia had already set up her own etsy shop, so this fit in perfectly with the flow of the project. The html site acts as a framework to hold these three external links together. flickr, blogger, and etsy are not only free, but they allow for excellent networking opportunities. And blogger allows for a great deal of customization of its blogs, making them fit in with the style of the site being designed.

so go buy something from imMe. (pronounced "I'm Me." get it?)


sulu-design said...

I'm sure impressed with your web work. I've always admired the set-up of your website, and love that you're spreading the wealth!
By the way, I'm all signed up for the D*S Biz night. Thanks for thinking of me!

dash said...

thank you! I'm tossing thoughts around in my head for how to parlay this into a way to help more new designers. Maybe a class or seminar. my boy has helped me with some of the more advanced technical aspects. I think I'm ready to learn a bit more of that myself.