Tuesday, October 30, 2007

wrap it up

b's family in l.a. shipped him some of his belongings last week, and some of them came packed in sheets of pink foam. i saved the sheets, knowing I could use them to wrap my orders. early on i was sending out goods in boxes, but then I discovered that if the items were packed well, I could use 6x9 brown envelopes. i started playing around with the pink foam, cutting it into strips, and stapling it into small envelopes. then i wrapped each one with a strip of vintage rayon seam tape (snagged from a short-lived job where I was a display artist) and voila- protected from damage and attractive at the same time. the pink sheets will come in handy because i decided months ago to stop buying ziplock jewelry bags. if i place the staples close together, the little pouches will be perfect for shipping beads ordered from my etsy shop.

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