Tuesday, October 16, 2007

moving in, day fifteen

two weeks in the new apartment, and I seriously feel like I'm moving in slow-mo, juggling moving in with business affairs. the apartments I've lived in for the past eight years or so have been so small, (paired with my habit of living like a college student) that I never needed to make the kind of decisions we're dealing with now. this place is sort of like a shell, or an industrial studio. Our kitchen has ONE regular sized cabinet, and one tiny one over the stove. the counter space consists of SEVEN INCHES on either side of the sink. the medicine chest has no room for tall bottles, and there isn't an inch of counter space to put things on. so for the last two weekends, b and I have been visiting the various budget-minded home decor shops around the city, and we even took the shuttle bus over to IKEA in elizabeth, n.j. on sunday. the ever resourceful researcher, b has been searching online for kitchen islands, window blinds, (for our 87" long windows) a work table, bookshelves, and a filing cabinet. I did manage to empty a few boxes today, in between working on the website. ciao.

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