Monday, June 24, 2013

rusty's farm fresh eatery

On one of our weekend outings in May, Bryan and I found ourselves on Route 9 in Red Hook, (Dutchess County, not Brooklyn) where there is an abundance of antique stores. We started out at the Red Hook Flea Market, (in the Holy Cow parking lot) then ventured to Hoffman's Barn Sale, a cavernous, well-organized and decently priced place. (and the store that Kevin from the Bottle Shop suggested I check next for a lock) Somewhere in that area is another store- can't remember the name, but you won't miss it- loads of stuff is displayed out on the lawn. While there I made sort of a crazy purchase, given that I'm watching my money and not really buying stuff right now. Wandering through racks of mugs and dishware that are left out in the elements, I found a half bushel basket filled with vintage glass ramekins. I kinda have a thing for little bowls and dishes, and I had never seen glass ramekins this old- each one is marked with an etched, beveled lip. I thought the owner would just give me a price for the basket, but she made her employee take each one out and count them, as she sat in her car. The basket was filled with water from the last rain and damp evergreen leaves sat in most of the cups. I had to work the woman down, but finally she gave me a decent price. you drive a hard bargain, lady! she said with a thick New York accent, her face covered by large, Chanel sunglasses.

After all of this we were quite hungry! Somehow, whizzing by this tiny strip shopping center several times, as we kept overshooting the antiques places, I noticed the sign for Rusty's Farm Fresh Eatery. And were we glad I did! One of the very best things about being in the Hudson Valley is the farm-fresh food, made by owners to cater to any type of dietary taste or need. Being on a mostly gluten-free diet, I am so happy to be able to eat sandwiches on the go! Like a normal person! Rusty's was dee-licous. And given that it was a day to splurge, we did. With their very delectable sandwiches (house-roasted turkey anyone?) they offer a choice of salad or homemade potato chips. So I ordered both! Bryan had a burger, which seemed to be the most popular thing on the menu. The people sitting next to us couldn't resist their fried treats either, ordering the fried zucchini and sweet potato fries for the table.

Rusty's very basic exterior belies the gourmet wonderland inside.

THE SLAW on gluten-free bread.

You can catch a glimpse of rusty's home made potato chips on the right.

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