Saturday, June 22, 2013

bottle shop antiques

bryan is doing some work on his mom's house in hawaii and he needed to replace a lock. he sent me some photos and measurements, asking that I stop by kingston's zaborski emplorium to see if they had the one he was looking for. piles of old locks salvaged from old buildings. who knew? zaborski has their locks pretty well organized, but we couldn't find the exact one bryan was looking for. stan (zaborski?) suggested that I try The Bottle Shop in salt point. so away I went on saturday, GPS in hand. b and I had been out to this part of dutchess county before, but had taken a different route. I drove through country roads and farmland until I came to where routes 82 and 44 meet. kevin, proprietor of the bottle shop, was very helpful in trying to find me just the right lock. but to no avail- I had no idea door locks came in so many different sizes and configurations. while I was there, how could I not look around? If you're looking for an old bottle, this is the place to come. and I was looking for some old bottles, as I am finding homes for the spice collection I've been rebuilding since after the hurricane. kevin referred me to another salvage place, this one in red hook, and one that b and I have been to before. In the mean time, b is probably just going to get a different type of lock for the door.

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