Sunday, April 14, 2013

eats in kingston

In late December we were in a rush to move the contents of our two storage units out of Brooklyn and into one that would cost us less money. We had already been renting a unit in Red Hook when the storm occurred, as we had extra items from the closing of our store that wouldn't fit into our apartment. Our goods were housed on the second floor of a five-story industrial building, which shared space with a Chinese- owned wholesale business, and a collection of artist's studios. Throughout the summer the storage company had been adding more units outside, in the form of metal sheds. As the hurricane ravaged the neighborhood, they recognized the need for what they offered, and hauled ass to build more units. As they were offering 50% off these units for the first two months, Bryan reserved one for us. The end of the second month was winding down, and like apartments in nyc, rental on storage units ain't cheap. We weren't positive where we wanted to move, but we didn't have much time. So we packed up a U-Haul truck, drove north to Kingston, and unloaded our haul into a much cheaper unit right off the Thruway. Bryan did a little research and found a couple of places he thought I'd like to eat at.

The view across Fair Street from the window counter at Yum Yum Noodle Bar.

Yum Yum's flattened, fried, vegetable dumplings. Outrageous.

The dish I get every time: noodle bowl with miso-dashi, udon and pork. They fry their shredded pork into a patty. It's crazy good.

Yum Yum's communal tables and shadow guests.

The Hudson Valley mini-chain of natural food stores Mother Earth's Storehouse has a wonderful cafe inside its Kingston location. After eating so much takeout and microwave food (bleh!) I was happy to dig into this healthy sandwich and salad. I had a portobello burger on gluten free bread, Bryan had turkey breast, and we shared a kale salad.

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