Monday, April 1, 2013

brooklyn weekend

I have to say that trying to deal with so many government agencies, to so little avail, for months on end, had left me quite depressed. On top of that I've been feeling lonely in Kingston. When we moved from a city of 8.3 million people to one of 25,000 Bryan and I discussed that fact that neither of us had lived in the country before, but were interested in trying it out. I'm glad that spring is here and I know the Hudson Valley will emerge from its slumber as the weather warms up. But given that we arrived just as winter was starting, it's been tough. Businesses here close early- like 5pm early. We're used to the pace of Brooklyn, where we would wake up at some not-too-early hour, get some work done, then mosey out in the late afternoon or early evening for a walk and maybe some dinner. Add to that the fact that I was still in the throes of my nearly nine-year love affair with New York City when we left, warts and all. So when our buddy Derrick told us he'd be taking out the video equipment to again participate in the Red Hook Criterium, we decided to take a trip to Brooklyn.

Pamela and I walked out to the harbor before the race. This is looking southeast at the former warehouse everyone calls the "Fairway Building," which houses the popular supermarket on the ground floor and apartments and work studios above. Fairway is at the end of Van Brunt Street, the main drag in the neighborhood, where we used to have our store.

Sunset from Liberty Pier, looking west towards New Jersey, and I think that's the edge of Staten island on the left.

The artwork of, projected onto four trucks. The Crit takes place in the asphalt yard of the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

Cyclists fooling around during the awards ceremony.

Pizza Moto brought their mobile oven to Van Brunt Street the night of the Crit. Good eatin'!

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